The ULTIMATE Creator's Project Management System (Notion Template)

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Aram Atkinson
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Spend more time creating, less time organising.

You need
A digital space to bring all your creative ideas, project logistics, client amends, financial strategies, and collaborations together.

You want
A beautiful workspace that is intuitive, fun to use, and won't cost hundreds through a subscription model.

The problem
Current solutions are expensive, clunky, ugly, and lack many of the features creatives actually need.

The solution
The Creator's Hub; a beautiful workspace that works seamlessly between phones, tablets, and desktops, (both online/offline), designed by a freelance filmmaker who understands what is needed, using a software platform that is completely free for solo and small team creatives (up to five users), with an affordable tiered system beyond that.

Streamline your entire workflow, from concept to delivery


  • Organise your creative ideas and projects
  • Store and access key documents from all your digital devices.
  • Collaborate with other creatives or clients; deligate tasks, automate reminders, shortlist talent, and discuss references/feedback.
  • Keep a track of your finances with annual and monthly oversight.
  • Change between light and dark mode, and adapt the template as you grow to suit your needs.

About me

I am a working freelance filmmaker and owner of a production company. I created this system to fix my own organising flaws so I could spend more time on growing my business and being creative.

I create commercial projects for huge national clients, passion projects for my own growth, YouTube videos, and Skillshare Courses.

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$59.99 $44.99

The ULTIMATE Creator's Project Management System (Notion Template)

0 ratings
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